Busy week this week for social events.  To start we have a book launch at the British Council on Ilica (21st March), on Thursday we have a regular Thursday night gathering at The Old Pharmacy (22nd March) and on Friday, 'WhatEver' will be playing at the Bulldog Pub on Bogoviceva in the centre.  Whatever played a few weeks ago at The Old Pharmacy and put on a brilliant performance.  If you like live music make sure you get down there.

22nd March 2007

Thirsty club, every Thursday

Make friends and connect with the largest group of expats in Zagreb!

Every Thursday at   The Old Pharmancy pub,  Hebrangova 11

For directions or questions, please email social@apscroatia.com or call Joe 098 976 0820 or Karl 091 886 8969

Event Announcement

 Book launch
Crossing Borders’ by S. D. Curtis
Presentation of the novel, ‘Crossing Borders’
British Council, Ilica 12, Zagreb
Wednesday, 21st March at 18:30
Reading by Jane Hunter, former IWC president 
Suzi will also be talking about the process of writing, publication and self-publication for those budding authors among you, or anyone with an interest in the process.
For more information about the author, please see www.sdcurtis.com
Susan D. Curtis is from Great Britain, and has been living in Zagreb since 2005. She graduated in English and Art from Surrey University in 1991 and two years later, during the break-up of ex-Yugoslavia, she was sent by the United Nations Association to work on a welfare project with Bosnian refugees in Slovenia. Her first work - So Like Fire – came out of that experience and was published in Slovenia in 1998.
Suzi has a passion for travel which has taken her all over the world - from Israel to Hong Kong to New Zealand; while her work in the field of humanitarian aid and education has given her insight into a broad range of human experience. Taking inspiration from this, her writing often highlights the plight of the marginalized and the neglected; individuals or groups who find themselves on the outside of the mainstream.
Her most recently published work, ‘Crossing Borders’ (Booksurge, LLC, 2006) concentrates on the controversial issue of immigration, and takes place in modern-day Romania. A post Cold-War thriller, it subverts the traditional ‘Who done it?’ formula by leaving not the perpetrator, but the crime a secret until the final chapters.
‘So Like Fire’ and ‘Crossing Borders’ are both available on Amazon.com

Event Announcement


will playing a selection of well known tunes from the 70's, 80's and 90's
at the Bulldog on Bogoviceva
Starts from 9:30pm
Free entry
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