I am writing to you in my capacity as secretary of the British Croatian Business Network in order to introduce our organisation to you.
The British-Croatian Business Network is a non-profit-making, international, business group with the objective of promoting friendship and bilateral trade. It was established in 1999 by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the British Embassy, Zagreb. Since then, the BCBN has developed into an organisation providing forums for the discussion of key economic issues facing investors and existing businesses alike, promoting the highest standards of governance and business conduct during the transitional phase leading up to EU accession. As a non-profit, international business group, we are dedicated to the establishment of strong and long-lasting business relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
The British-Croatian Business Network’s membership is comprised of individuals and organisations from various industry sectors, who share and support the BCBN’s aim of developing and promoting positive bilateral relations between Croatia and the UK. The benefits of membership include:
-                      Facilitating networking amongst members
-                      Cooperation with the British Embassy & Croatian Chamber of Commerce
-                      Professional development through business events
-                      Business promotion through website, newsletters and events
-                      Event Sponsorship
-                      Links with sister organisations in the UK (British Croatian Chamber of Commerce and British Croatian Society)
-                     Social events throughout the ye
Membership is open to any organisation or private individual who is interested in expanding their business network in Croatia. This includes both companies that are looking to open new markets in the region and local companies looking to promote their products and services to international partners.
I would like to encourage you to read more about our organisation by visiting our website at www.bcbn.org, where you will find information about the application process. Once you have completed an application form and sent it to me, I will contact you directly.
Many Kind Regards
Suzi Curtis-Kojakovic
Secretary, BCBN