Every Thursday night the largest gathering of expats meet for drinks.
The Thirsty Thursday Club
Happy Hour - All night
20nd September 2007
The Old Pharmancy pub,  Hebrangova 11
For directions or questions, please email social@apscroatia.com 
or call Karl 091 886 8969
The Old Pharmacy Pub will be showing most of the Rugby World Cup matches – LIVE!!!!
Watch this space we may be showing ALL the matches – Live and in English! Announcement later this week.
Forthcoming Events:
 19/09/2007- 23/09/2007 / Jastrebarsko
Jaska Wine Festivities
traditional wine-tasting and sales exhibit of the well known wines, wineries and wine-growers of the Plešivica-Okić region, Krašić-Slavetić region and St. Jana wine-growing region. Rich culinary program and culture and arts program. The event is held at the fairgrounds at the entry into Jastrebarsko. Organized by the town of Jastrebarsko (co- organizer Zagreb County).

Information: Jastrebarsko Town Assembly, Strossmayerov trg 13, tel: 01/6281 110, fax: 01/6281 112, e-mail: poglavarstvo@jastrebarsko.hr
Jastrebarsko Cultural Centre, Ulica Dr. Franje Tuđmana 9, Jastrebarsko, tel: 01/6272 961, email: czkj@zg.t-com.hr 19/09/2007- 23/09/2007 / Jastrebarsko

29/09/2007- 13/10/2007 / Samobor
32nd Samobor Musical Autumn
festival of classical music, with an emphasis on the promotion of Croatian music, in particular to support and promote young musicians. With this event, Samobor is a city of young artists in the 2010 European Capital of Culture Pecz (Hungary), its friendship city. Daily concerts in the Franciscan Church and Prica Gallery www.samoborska-glazbena-jesen.com Upon completion of the event, a master class will be held under the guidance of world renowned clarinettist Sharon Kam

Information: Samobor Tourist Board, Trg Kralja Tomislava 5, tel. 01 3360 044, 3360 050,
e-mail: tzg-samobor@zg.t-com.hr , www.tz-samobor.hr
Samobor Open University, Trg Matice Hrvatske 3, tel. 01 3360 112, 3360 267, 3361 266, www.pousamobor.hr

5th October – The Sunsail / Thirsty Thursday Sailing weekend – Takes place from the 5th until 8th October. Sailing from Marina Frapa, this weekend is open to everyone. No previous sailing experience needed! Email karl@apscroatia.com for full details and a registration form.

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