At last Summer is here!!!!!
(less traffic on the roads of Zagreb and easier to park:) )
Time to start heading of to the coast or other far flung places.
For those of you left in Zagreb, our regular Thursday nights will continue with a change of venue planned from end of June onwards.
This is the last week at our normal venue
The Old Pharmacy Pub
21st June 2007
8pm until we get kicked out
It is a bank holiday!!!!
The Old Pharmacy will be closing from the 1st July until the 1st September
From the 28th June (Paintball Evening!!!!) we will be moving to an outdoor venue. The actual location has not been decided so if you have a favourite bar / café that you would like to recommend, please email me.
Plenty of interest and enthusiasm, but limited numbers have confirmed. We need a minimum of 10, ideally 20 to 30 (in teams of 5 to 6 people). 
250kn per person, including 400 bullets.
Evening starts at approx 18:30 and goes on until is dark.
Who will come out the victors?
Will it be the Germans or the Brits?
Kingstruge or CBRE?
VIP or T-mobile / Com?
Embassy v Embassy? 
A rare chance to shoot your competition (and friends) with no repercussions from the law.
Confirm your booking by emailing