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Who Will Profit Most from New GUP?

Investors, project designers and construction companies appear to have all gotten what they wanted from the new Urban Development Master Plan (GUP) – the opportunity to build throughout Zagreb in a much less constricted way. The paper lists the...

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Sailing Weekend

The Sunsail / Thirsty Thursday Sailing Weekend

 We are planning another sailing weekend for the May Bank holiday.  If you are interested, please email us to register.  CLICK HERE


For advice on buying property, living, working or moving to Croatia, please contact us. Click on the image below to launch a live CHAT session, alternatively email us directly with your questions. 


Live chat by Boldchat

Live chat by Boldchat

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Central European Time.  If you are trying to contact us out of these houses, please email - info


Adriatic Property Services has a range of removal services available to assist people in getting their belongings into Croatia. Click here for details

Setting up a Company in Croatia

Adriatic Property Services offer the complete service of setting up a company either remotely, or together with the client. We take care of every aspect of setting up a company, unlike most company formation services in Croatia; we hand over a fully functioning company. We also offer a full accounting and tax advising service, plus the option of registering our address as the seat of your company (for a small yearly fee).


For remote formation, we prepare all documents and send them to the client with the instructions on how to execute them. However, prior to preparing the documents, we must have all the information below:

 1.       Name of the company – The name usually has to be of Latin or Croatian origin or the initials or name of one of the founders of the company.

2.       Seat of the company – the company needs to have the registered seat and address in Croatia; (we can register the company on our office address for a small yearly fee).

3.       Activities –is the company being formed to hold real estate, or for other purposes? We formulate the activities to be in compliance with Croatian regulations.

4.       Management board – the directors need to be appointed (there must be at least one director). The director can be foreigner – we need to have the personal details of the director. If there are  more then one director, it must be decided how will they represent the company (solely or jointly);

5.       Founder of the company – it can be legal a entity of physical person – in either case we need to have details (if the founder is the legal entity, the verified and appostiled certificate of registration must be obtained);

6.       Share capital of the company– the minimum share capital is HRK 20,000 (approx EUR 2,600)

 Documents to be executed:

 1.       the future director of the company must personally execute the following documents (if executed abroad, documents must be signed before a notary public and apostiled in the manner provided by the Hague Convention) :

a.       Deed of acceptance of the position as the director of the company

b.       Specimen of signature

c.        Application to the Commercial Court register – must be signed by the director personally or through representative authorised by special power of representation

2.       the founder must either personally or through the representative pass the following documents (in case the documents are passed through the empowered person, the founder must issue special power of representation):

a.       Decision to form the company;

b.       Deed of incorporation of the company;

c.        List of members of the company and authorised persons of the company

 Services provided by our office:

 Our charge for setting up a company is 11000kn +PDV.

 This includes:

    •   Preparation and translation of all necessary documents.
    • Organising signing before a notary public in Croatia
    • Submission of papers to the Commercial Court
    •  Providing instructions on how to pay initial share capital
    • Attendance at the Court and obtaining the court resolution


After the registration of the company, we arrange the following:

    • Obtaining the company stamp(s);
    •   Registration of the Company with the State Statistics Bureau;
    • Opening of the Company’s Kuna and foreign currency bank account;
    •  Preparation of the request for transfer of the Company’s base capital from the temporary bank account to the bank account of the Company;
    • Registration with the Croatian National Bank;
    • Registration with the Croatian Tax Authority.


We can register the seat of the company on our office address. We charge the yearly fee of 200euro. This includes forwarding mail and bank statements.

We also provide a competitively priced accounting service. Either on a yearly fixed fee basis (if the companies only function is to buy/ sell real estate), or a monthly basis. 


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