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Who Will Profit Most from New GUP?

Investors, project designers and construction companies appear to have all gotten what they wanted from the new Urban Development Master Plan (GUP) – the opportunity to build throughout Zagreb in a much less constricted way. The paper lists the...

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EPH CEO Stipe Oreskovic

Helsinki Satisfied with Crotram

Quaestus Real Estate IPO

Belupo Trying to Establish Pharmacy Chain

Plodine Makes Big Strides

Sailing Weekend

The Sunsail / Thirsty Thursday Sailing Weekend

 We are planning another sailing weekend for the May Bank holiday.  If you are interested, please email us to register.  CLICK HERE


For advice on buying property, living, working or moving to Croatia, please contact us. Click on the image below to launch a live CHAT session, alternatively email us directly with your questions. 


Live chat by Boldchat

Live chat by Boldchat

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Central European Time.  If you are trying to contact us out of these houses, please email - info


Adriatic Property Services has a range of removal services available to assist people in getting their belongings into Croatia. Click here for details

SKY TV in Croatia

Being an expat brings many advantages and many of us would never consider going back to our country of birth, but there are something’s that people either miss or just cannot do with out. One of these is television and radio! It might be Eastenders (UK), your favorite team or the news that you miss, whatever it is, the good news is you can now get most channels in Croatia.  Adriatic Property Services are able to provide Satellite Installations in most regions enabling you to subscribe to a wide range of Satellite Services, including Sky TV.

SKY Subscription

In most of Europe you can receive the SKY digital satellite services, which of course offers you a choice of subscription packages, as long as you don't tell SKY you're not in the UK!

NEW Sky subscriptions are available with or without address or bank account at the same monthly cost as the UK!

Sky TV Packages

To find the latest information on the available Sky TV packages, please visit

Free-to-Air transmissions

You can also obtain BBC & ITV television and radio channels by way of a standard Digital Satellite Receiver, because the BBC & ITV transmissions are no longer encrypted by SKY. In other words they are 'Free-to-Air'


For Sky TV to work in you will need a satellite dish, LNB and a Digi Box.  If you have brought your Digi box from the then it should work here.  As a general rule an 80cm to 110cm dish will capture most of the channel signals, except the BBC and ITV.  If these channels are important to you then you will have to get a bigger dish.  The Satellite installer will be able to advise.


Adriatic Property Services can organize for an engineer to visit your property and supply and install the necessary equipment.  Costs will vary from region to region so please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.  Alternatively contact a local installer for a quotation.  Check are Directory page to see who works in your area.

How it works

We arrange a address and Sky contract for you.  You will be paying Sky directly so you will need to decide how you would like to make payment – Direct debit (from a account only) or on a Credit card.  You will need to complete the necessary mandates and return them to us.  On receipt of the mandates we will then send you the equipment (Sky Digi Box and card) or just the card if you already have a box. Once the digi box / card are installed we will send the activation signals enabling you to receive your chosen package. 


You will be charged £120 fee for this service.  Sky will then charge you for your chosen package on a monthly basis wither by Direct debit or via your Credit card.


You choose – Courier (e.g DHL) is generally next day or registered post which can take up to a week.  Delivery costs are paid by the customer.


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Sky card subscriptions for European residents. Sky satellite digital TV subscription cards for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia.


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