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Who Will Profit Most from New GUP?

Investors, project designers and construction companies appear to have all gotten what they wanted from the new Urban Development Master Plan (GUP) – the opportunity to build throughout Zagreb in a much less constricted way. The paper lists the...

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BiH, Croatia at odds over planned bridge


By Kristina Cuk for Southeast European Times in Zagreb -- 21/02/06

Croatia has started work on a bridge connecting two parts of the country currently separated by 23km of Bosnian territory. But Bosnian officials have raised objections, saying it might block access to the Adriatic.


Croatians welcomed Tourism Minister Bozidar Kalmeta's announcement last year that the country would build a bridge connecting the Peljesac peninsula to the rest of Croatia. Currently, travelers must pass through a 23km strip of Bosnian coastal territory in order to get from one part of Croatia to the other.

The bridge is expected to the one of the government's most significant infrastructure projects. It will be 2,300m long and 30m high, allowing ship traffic to pass. The estimated cost is 250m euros and the projected completion date is 2008. Once finished, Croatians will no longer need passports to get from the north to the south of their own country.

However, the project has run into a snag. BiH authorities have raised objections, saying the project might block the country's access to the Adriatic Sea. The port of Neum is BiH's only piece of territory on the Adriatic coast, and Bosnians worry the bridge would hamper ships from entering and exiting Bosnian territorial waters.

As construction work got under way in November, Kalmeta said Croatia had received approval from BiH for the bridge. But his Bosnian counterpart, Branko Dokic, denies this.

"No one from BiH has given acceptance for the bridge. We have formed a commission, which has to examine the delivered documents and make a report on it," Dokic said.

In a letter to Kalmeta, Dokic said that the project is not acceptable because documentation is not complete, and that Zagreb must complete the paperwork before any decision on construction.

Kalmeta has confirmed receiving the letter, but insists both sides agreed to the project in March 2005.

Croatia has now postponed the ratification of the state border agreement with BiH, so that all facts may be considered. Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said he won't give up on the bridge project, insisting that Croatia has the right to connect its territory. International arbitration may be in store.

The two countries are presently holding talks on resolving a similar dispute regarding the Croatian harbour of Ploce. BiH authorities want a new agreement on the administration of the harbour, but Croatia is demanding that the area remain Croatian territory.


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