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Who Will Profit Most from New GUP?

Investors, project designers and construction companies appear to have all gotten what they wanted from the new Urban Development Master Plan (GUP) – the opportunity to build throughout Zagreb in a much less constricted way. The paper lists the...

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Sailing Weekend

The Sunsail / Thirsty Thursday Sailing Weekend

 We are planning another sailing weekend for the May Bank holiday.  If you are interested, please email us to register.  CLICK HERE


For advice on buying property, living, working or moving to Croatia, please contact us. Click on the image below to launch a live CHAT session, alternatively email us directly with your questions. 


Live chat by Boldchat

Live chat by Boldchat

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Central European Time.  If you are trying to contact us out of these houses, please email - info


Adriatic Property Services has a range of removal services available to assist people in getting their belongings into Croatia. Click here for details


Once you have found the property or piece of land that you want, there are certain steps that need to be completed. These are outlined below:

  1. Negotiate Price
    Our staff will, with your guidance, negotiate the sale price of the property and verbally reserve the property
  2. Legal
    You must appoint a Solicitor to deal with you purchase (a list of Solicitors is available from We have an in-house lawyer who can deal with this on your behalf. The Solicitor will check to ensure that the land has "Clean Title" and that the seller has the legal right to sell the land. A lot of this work will have already been undertaken by our Staff, so the process should be smooth. Were there are problems with the Title of the Property; we will work with both the Vendor and the Purchaser to resolve the issue quickly. Apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for permission to purchase the property (UK Citizens)
  3. Survey
    Would you buy a piece of property in your own country without first having it surveyed? It's unlikely. We have developed a range of services for anyone purchasing real estate in Croatia. We will work with you to ensure that the relevant surveys are carried out before you proceed with the purchase. Our reports will be translated into English or German.
  4. Pre-Contracts
    We will draw up a pre-contract between the vendor and our client stipulating the conditions of the sale. The Purchaser will be required to pay a 10% deposit on the property at this stage. If the Purchaser subsequently pulls out of the contract, they will loss their deposit. If the vendor pulls out it should be a condition that they pay you 10%
  5. Accounting
    Decide whether to purchase as a Private individual or through a company. Your circumstances will dictate the best option for you. If required you can sit down with our Tax Advisor for advice. We will assist you in setting up a Local Bank account
  6. Money Transfers
    Transferring money abroad to complete the purchase of your property can be simplified by using a Specialist Currency Trading firm. Although all properties advertised are priced in Euros, the law in Croatia states that the contract must be completed in Kuna (The local currency). Organisations like TorFX and The Money Corp have a wealth of experience in this area and can work with you to ensure that you get the best possible exchange rate available
  7. Completion
    All the paperwork will be rechecked and the final contract drawn up. This contract is signed in the presence of Notary by both the Vendor and the Purchaser. You can provide your Solicitor Power of Attorney to sign this contract on your behalf. Once this has been signed, the solicitor will submit the paperwork to the Land Registry where your details will be entered into the books. Once you complete you will have to pay 5% Real Estate Tax (R.E.T). To simplify things, we suggest that you provide these funds to your solicitor at the time of completion.





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